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Blacklisted Sybil-Addresses Checker

If your Wallet is older then 4 months and you had some activity, better check if your Wallet is blacklisted.

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$44 $18

for 6 months

 Full Access to Pro-Features
 Sybil-free routes on all major airdrops
 Multiple wallets farming guides
 Active chats (and we mean ACTIVE)
 Online lectures by professionals
 Access to our Sybil Checker & Trackers
 1-on-1 support & tutoring


$72 $36

for 6 months

 Full Access to Pro-Features
 Sybil-free routes on all major airdrops
 Multiple wallets farming guides
 Active chats (and we mean ACTIVE)
 Online lectures by professionals
 Access to our Sybil Checker & Trackers
 1-on-1 support & tutoring


The Pro-Code is sent to you automatically after purchase in our welcome-email. It's an email from

After you purchased the VIP-Package, please enter our discord-server and #createticket and send us your email or order-code. You will receive the role within a couple hours usually.

Please make sure to enter your code correctly. We recommend to copy&paste it from the welcome-email to the field that asks you for it ("Your Code for Pro"). If your code is still not working, please contact us via email at or enter our discord-server and #createticket and tell us it is not working and we will solve the issue.

Yes of course more protocols, will be added on a rolling basis.

Currently we dont have a login-page. To enter the pro-services, please make a querry for your wallet and paste your pro-code. Also make sure to claim the vip-role for discord if you get the vip-package.

Yes it is save and has worked 100% of the time. There was never an issue in the past and we are confident that there wont be in the future. Thus you dont have to worry, when sending directly to us.

No, currently we dont have a limit, for the maximum amount of addresses you can search. You can search all your addresses, but you cannot share your code. Otherwise it will be deactivated automatically.

If you share your code, it will be automatically deactivated by the system. So, you cannot share your code.

You can use your code on up to 4 devices.

With the VIP-Package you get access to the VIP-Channels of our discord. There you have custom channels for each Protocol, Community Feedback, 10kDrop Airdrop Challenges, VIP-Community-Calls, Airdrop-Guides and much more. So yes, why not try it out.

You can find the tutorial here: 👉 10kDrop Tutorial

Yes, we do. Contact us and we give you a referral-link, where we can track your referrals and reward you up to 10% of commission on a weekly basis.

You'll automatically receive a welcome-email, that contains the pro-code. The email is sent from

When you search your wallet, put in your pro-code, in the field “your code for pro” and you will see automatically more information. Also make sure to enter our discord-server and claim the vip-role.

The sybil checker querries your wallet against public databases of blacklisted adresses marked as sybil-attacker. This database contains more than 50'000 addresses and it is definitely recommended to check if your address is in there, if your address is older than a couple months. To see if your address is blacklisted, enter your wallet and your pro-code and click get data. In case your address was found, please contact us in discord.

There is a lot of info, especially for newbies, but also experienced airdrop hunters in our discord-server. So make sure to enter our discord-server (link is above in the header), then claim the vip-role after you bought the vip-package and you'll be set up. There you have access to our 50+ high-profile airdrops list, guides for specific protocols and important things to be aware of when farming for an airdrop.

Get Access to a 50+ high-profile Airdrops List for serious Airdrop Farmers


With the PREMIUM Package you get FULL access
incl. future Tracking & VIP discord role. Hangout with the founders
& other pro airdrop farmers.

Some Airdrop tips:

🪂The Ultimate ZkSync Airdrop Strategy 🪂

Follow this 8-step strategy and increase your airdrop chances massively. #zksync #airdrop #strategy

✈️ Airdrop probabilty : Extremely High
⏳Est. time : 25min
📷Costs : $30💲


— Crystalboy | DropHuntr | Airdrop Tools (@0xCrystalboy) May 18, 2023

If you don't abide by these guidelines, you won't receive an airdrop from @LayerZero_Labs, @zksync or any other #airdrop.

But don't worry, it's not that difficult.🔽🧵


— Crystalboy (@0xCrystalboy) May 18, 2023



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